Eating burgers made in a gas station.  Gross, right?  Actually, completely the opposite.

Back around 2009 I preached that the Detroit food scene was completely underrated.  Not saying I’m Nostrodamus or anything but Detroit was recently named America’s top “unexpected” food city by NatGeo.  Now I’m here to tell you that the Dearborn food scene is killing it.  Not just with Middle Eastern cuisine but with different foods you would never expect like Italian bakeries and classic American food.  I have to question why anyone would want to emulate classic American food, but if they’re going to do what I’m about to tell you about I am completely for it.

Taystee’s Burgers is on Ford Rd. across from the Ford-Wyoming Theater and shares occupancy with a BP Gas Station.  This is a family venture, in that the owner of Taystee’s runs the burger joint and his grandparents own the gas station.  They serve burgers, chicken wraps, quesadillas, hot dogs, wings, about 6 different types of french fries, fried Oreos and other options.  Check their website for a full menu.

Now I’m a bare bones burger kind of guy.  I believe that if you get quality meat, season it with some salt and pepper, top it with American cheese and surround it between a quality bun and I’m golden.  That being said, if I’m going to put toppings on my burger I go all out.  Like, ridiculously all out.  Taystee’s spoke to me with Ali’s Notch-Yo Burger that has 12 TOPPINGS.  12!  I’m serious.  Here, I’ll list them:

Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onions, Jalapeños, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Pepper jack Cheese, Nacho cheese, Beef bacon, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Mayo and Hot Sauce


Now normally I would say twelve different toppings on a burger is overboard but somehow this works.  All of the flavors meld together to make one of the better burgers I’ve had in recent memory.  The roll is substantial enough to keep everything together and you can still taste the beef through the twelve ingredients stacked on top of it.

I am here to say this is the best burger I’ve ever had at a gas station.  In fact, it’s the only burger I’ve ever had at a gas station.  If you’re a little hesitant in eating a meal at a gas station, this place is impressively clean and everything is prepared right in front of you.  The best part of this whole experience?  My car needed gas so I filled up in the same place I got a great burger.

Go here.  NOW.

10419 Ford Rd. in Dearborn