Before I give you my thoughts, I would like to share with you a few excerpts from Brome Burgers & Shakes’ website, as most of what I have to say is a reaction to their marketing.

We pledge 100% organic beef that only comes from grass-fed cows that lead comfortable lives. We pledge ingredients that are NON GMO certified so that what mother nature intended, is all that goes into our bodies. We pledge sustainable business practices that increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Every day we wake up and make a conscious effort to minimize the negative impact we have on our planet. It is our goal to set an example for everyone who comes into contact with us, whether by vendors, competitors, or customers. We work to encourage all food vendors to purchase from farms that responsibly raise their vegetables and animals.

We encourage our competitors to mirror our business practices to provide a higher quality experience for their guests. We encourage our customers to visit our website to learn how to live more efficiently.

Their website goes on to say that their burgers are 100% organic, 100% all natural grass fed, never fed animal by-products and no added growth hormones.  There’s a small section where you can read about the farmers and their cows and even see where they came from.

Now here’s the actual beginning of this post.  When you walk into Brome Burgers & Shakes, you’re treated to a menu offering ten different burgers, multiple types of fries, complex salads, milkshakes, hot dogs and other items.  It’s a very impressive menu that offers something for pretty much everyone.  The menu continues to go hard on the organic theme – cage free chicken sandwich, organic vegan patty, Kennebec fries and Artisan greens. It’s almost as if a Vegan purchased a space with the idea of opening a restaurant specializing in salads but upon arriving to said space, a squatter was living there and would only leave on the condition that burgers were added to the menu.

Let me get this straight, I’m all for the treatment of animals and I buy organic any time it’s discounted as a manager’s special at the grocery store.  I’m not trying to say that restaurants shouldn’t advertise the quality of their ingredients because it’s important to many people.  What I have a problem with is when restaurants use organic labels as a marketing tool.

When you step up to the counter and order your burger you will be asked this question: “Would you like to pay an extra $2 for an organic patty?”. I actually stalled during the ordering process because before arriving, their website beat me over the head with claims of quality in food processing and animal treatment.  I had noticed that their menu advertises two prices for each burger without specifying what the price difference is for.  I figured it was for a larger sized beef patty, which I was absolutely ready to accept.  What I didn’t realize was that Brome Burgers & Shakes wanted me pay more for everything they advertise.

I’m not trying to say this is misleading and/or false advertising, I just think it’s bullshit on a pretty large scale.  If you’re going to be an organic restaurant, go organic all the way.  Don’t offer people the sad cow meat and then try to upsell them to the happy cow meat.  That’s just kind of fucked up, in my book.  If your menu, website and mission statement say “We give a fuck about animals” then maybe you should go 100% in giving a fuck about animals.  I actually feel kind of bad for the non-organic beef that is probably kept in a separate walk in at a higher temperature and is stored in off-brand ziplock bags while the organic beef is kept in a temperature controlled walk in and stored in 100% USDA organic vacuum sealed plastic.

I guess what I’m trying to say, if you skipped all of that and are wondering where the hell the pictures are, is I think Brome Burgers & Shakes is a bit full of shit.  That being said, my burger was pretty damn good and no, I did not pay the extra $2 to make my patty organic which would have made my burger total $13.  This is “The Mex” which is topped with corn salsa, cheddar-jack Cheese Sauce, pickled jalapeno, avocado and chipotle mayo.  Brome is located at 22062 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn.