In my post on Ma Lou’s chicken, one of the things I said was that it was some of the best chicken you can get locally – Right up there with Seoul Street.  I got a lot of questions asking me what this Seoul Street place was.  I thought I would follow that up with a little explanation on what the other fried chicken king in the area is.

In case you couldn’t figure it out by the name Seoul Street serves Korean style fried chicken, which has apparently been a big thing in Korea since the 1960s.  The difference betweeen Korean fried and American fried is a thick, seasoned crust which is created by double frying the chicken and a larger variety of flavors.  It also uses much smaller pieces of chicken, usually leaving out the breast. To make it really simple, Korean fried chicken is incredibly crispy, flavorful and has less of a chance of giving you the meat sweats after eating it.


First of all, if you’re going to visit Seoul Street you should probably call ahead with your order, order a few things to eat before you get your chicken or just be prepared to wait.  As clearly stated on the website, fried chicken will typically take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour depending on business, as every batch is made fresh after you order. Apparently the Le Cordon Bleu educated food professionals on Yelp didn’t bother to do their research because the majority of reviews that aren’t five stars complain about the wait time.

Seoul Street has two flavors of chicken – sweet and spicy or soy garlic. The sauce sticks to the crispy skin and doesn’t leave your hands covered after handling each chicken appendage.  The craziest thing is that there is a small gap of air between that crispy skin and the meat which is like no fried chicken I’ve had.  Whatever crazy fried chicken science they’re doing, it’s working. They serve drums, thighs, wings and boneless strips. My personal recommendation is get two personal combos with wings and thighs and get both sauces.  If that sounds like a ridiculous amount of food, it’s because it is but you’ll feel suprisingly springy even after consuming enough food for two people.

If you really want to get crazy, order the Kimchi fries and add bulgogi.  I could offer you a long descriptive paragraph about all of the ingredients and the preparation but how about I just post a picture of them and we move on.  Sound good?  Here you go..


So if you’re wondering if I have a favorite between Seoul Street and Ma Lou’s, the answer is easy.  No, I don’t.  They are two different styles and flavors of fried chicken and they are both fantastic in their own ways. Both places have my enormous respect for turning something as simple as throwing some chicken into hot oil and then brushing delicious sauce on it.  I also have to give major credit to both places for basically saying “You’re going to have to wait a while because I’m going to actually make your chicken fresh for you rather than pick it from under a heat lamp and throw it in a bucket.  If that’s going to be a problem, go to KFC.”

I would like to end this by telling you to go to Seoul Street.  Then go to Ma Lou’s. Back to back for a fried chicken bang bang.  If you need someone to go on this journey with, I’m down.

Seoul Street is at 1771 Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor.  It’s behind the building and a little difficult to find.  Use GPS on your phone, duh.