A new fried chicken joint opened up right down the street from me which makes me upset because obesity is now within walking distance.  Westland has always been a good place for me, suprisingly, because the restaurant scene is absolutely terrible.  If you’re looking for a chain restaurant, look no further.  Westland has all of them.  Normally I have to travel to Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Detroit or Ypsilanti to get a good meal.  Now I can stroll down the block and pick up battered chicken cooked in hot oil. Thanks a lot Gus.

Apparently Gus’s was started about 60 years ago by a guy named Napoleon who made such good fried chicken that the people of Mason, Tennessee built him a restaurant.  Their son, Gus, inherited the recipe and re-branded the business into “Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken”.  Kind of messed up that he took full credit for the recipe, if you ask me.  He then began expanding, with a business plan that I’m guessing had to do with finding locations with the fattest populations and adding a restaurant there.  Locations include Little Rock, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis and Kansas City. Why Gus decided Westland was a prime location for his chicken is beyond me.  I couldn’t find any statistics for obesity levels in Westland but I’m sure the numbers are staggering.

The first thing you will notice about Gus’s is there no sign out front.  Apparently when they open new locations the public swarms the restaurant like fat zombies and overwhelms the restauraunt while they’re trying to find their groove. There is also a note saying they are in the middle of a soft open, but the waitress said that’s only there to slow people down.  The restauraunt is fully open and has a full menu. You are now free to complain about their service.

For the first complaint I would like to bring in Toi Whitfield from Facebook, who clearly researched Gus’s before she visited.  Take it away, Toi!


I have to stop here and say a few words about Toi’s review.  First of all, the full name of the resturaunt is “Gus’s World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken”.  If you and your kids don’t like spicy food, why were you at a hot and spicy fried chicken restauraunt?  Second, what kind of greens were you looking for? Greens are only delicious because they’re cooked in the same pot as a large chunk of pork. Without that large chunk of pork, you basically have boiled kale.  Was that what you were looking for?  Lastly, baked beans without pork should be outlawed in all fifty states. Lentil soup was invented for people who want to eat beans without the addition of meat.  Stick to that.  Anyways, moving on..


Gus serves 40oz High Lifes.  They’re $8, but still. They serve 40s.  In a brown paper bag.  Where else can you drink a 40 with some fried chicken in a restauraunt setting?  It’s magical.  I know I could probably could have just said this and not included that picture, but look how beautiful and artistic it is.  Look at the guy in the blue shirt going to town on his chicken.  Look at the Filipino Pounder in the right side of the frame.  I couldn’t not include that.


The food itself is damn good.  Not the best fried chicken I’ve had, but definitely well cooked and well seasoned.  The spice level isn’t very high and I wouldn’t mind the option to go a little spicier in honor of Toi, but there is hot sauce on the table if you need it. I’m not going into detail on the menu because you can find that on their website, but you’re looking at the three piece dark plate up top and the dark plate above these words.  I think I was actually more impressed with the sides than I was the chicken. Over the last few years, I have developed an obsession for collared greens and these are up on there on my list.  The mac and cheese isn’t award winning but it has some flavor other than butter and cream, but the baked beans are the real start of this. The beans come with every plate, and I almost subbed them for a different side.  At the last minute, I decided to keep them on my meal and thank goodess I did.  They are smoky, hearty, delicious — pretty much add any descriptive word that makes baked beans — and these have it.  Do not sub the beans.  They are fantastic.

I ordered pie at the end of my meal but forgot to take a picture because my brain was probably upset that I was abusing my heart .  The chess pie is really good.  I don’t know what it is, how it’s made or where it came from but it’s really good.  Get it.

Overall, Gus’s is really good and worth making a trip for.  Grab a 40 and order a three piece plate.  Get pie at the end.  Then don’t plan on doing anything for the next few hours.

Gus’s is at 35505 Ford Rd in Westland.