For normal people, Summer means warm weather, pools, sunshine, going outside and other activities.  For me, Summer means food.  This shouldn’t be surprising because every season means food for me.  I was having a nostalgic moment that sent me back to Summers in the past and luckily when you search for ‘Food’ in Google Photos it will automatically filter every food picture you’ve ever taken.

More specifically, I am looking forward to lobster rolls at Mudgie’s Deli in Detroit.   Every Summer for one week only, Mudgie’s gets Maine lobsters overnighted in every day for lobster rolls.  This week has begun to gain quite the following.  Years ago you could walk right in and order one but now you need to line up early and hope they don’t run out. Last year they went through 700-pounds of lobster, averaging 75-80 pounds per day.  On the final day of the week, there is a lobster themed brunch that I will be in attendance for this year.  If you have never had a good lobster roll, I’m going to have to require that you spend a day downtown this Summer waiting for one of these.  You don’t be disappointed.

My personal recommendation is the “High Roller Deal” which gives you two rolls and a bottle of Rosé.

Be sure to pick up a charcuterie board while you’re there.  Actually, just get everything. Mudgie’s is the best.