Before I start this, I must admit that I have a very small attention span.  YouTube has probably overtaken normal television for me simply because I don’t have to commit to thirty minutes to an hour of viewing the same show.  It’s sad, I know. I can skip around and watch clips of different things and a different video is automatically selected for you after your chosen video finishes. It not careful, you can enter a wormhole and before you know it hours have gone by. One thing YouTube is especially great for is food programming. Anything you could want — techniques, recipes, visits to restaurants – they’re all on YouTube.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite current programming. I’ll make this a regular thing where I share what I’m currently watching in a given week. If you have one that I haven’t listed, give me a shout. I’ll check it out.

Hot Ones is a very simple idea — Interviews with different celebrities and personalities while eating really hot wings. The host will typically ask questions right after they have eaten the wing.  In this episode, Eddie Huang attempts to eat the hottest wings first and almost dies.

Matty Matheson is a large tatted chef from Canada who has several shows on YouTube. His best is called Dead Set on Life and airs on Viceland.  Basically the premise of this is he visits different areas of the world, usually in North America, and goes through different food related experiences while yelling and swearing.  The intros are the best.  He also has his own channel where he does different food instructional which are surprisingly educational.

Aaron Franklin has his own channel where he teaches you literally everything about wood smoked Texas BBQ. Franklin BBQ is considered the mecca of BBQ and there are hours of content here going through everything from how to build your own smoker, to how to smoke any cut of pork you could think of. If you’re interested in getting into the smoking game, this is where you should start.

You Suck at Cooking – I don’t really know how to explain this one. You’re just going to have to trust me and watch it.

Binging with Babish is of my favorite new channels. Andrew Rea recreates recipes and dishes from pop culture, movies and TV shows and walks you through how to make them. It’s not always what you think and actually provides some really good information on technique and ingredients in a humorous way.