I woke up up this morning to a message from the Filipino Pounder saying that Grindstone Smokehouse caught fire last night an hour after they closed. Either this was the worst pun ever, or we had ourselves a fire in Westland last night.

A little background first — Grindstone Smokehouse was opened in late 2015 and replaced Beaver Creek Saloon. It quickly became one of the most inconsistent dining experiences in the area. One day you would go and everything would be fantastic, the next you would be served what tasted like cold steak bites pretending they were burnt ends. It was almost depressing that I had a smokehouse down the street that I couldn’t depend on.

I immediately ran out the door to collect evidence (actually I needed catfood) and get the people some kind of update, as no one else seems to know what’s going on.  Since there were police on the scene, I didn’t feel like it would be a good look for me to get out of the car so I literally just drove by about four times and kept hitting the camera button.  IT’S SOMETHING, OK?


It looks like they’re boarding the place up but the structure of the building is still intact.  I haven’t seen anyone else report anything on what’s going on so it’s hard to say how bad the damage internally is.  There are police in the parking lot which can only mean that they’re still investigating the cause. I’ll keep updating you as I hear things.


Update: Got a video posted on Facebook by a Vic Barra last night of them trying to put it out: