I previously wrote about Taco Bell’s newest shot at creating weird menu items and getting people like me to write about them for free advertising – Naked Chicken Chips.  Naked Chicken chips are essentially just triangle shaped chicken nuggets with a small amount of spice added.  I’m not sure why Taco Bell insists on calling their latest chicken products “Naked” but I gave them a shot and found them to be quite underwhelming.  The chips themselves were soft and soggy, the spices we’re non-existent and the nacho cheese dip should be replaced with Volcano sauce.


So I did what any Taco Bell loving citizen would do.  I customized it and made something absolutely ridiculous.  I took their bland chicken chips and turned them into a Nacho Supreme.  A Chicken Chip Nacho Supreme.  Chicken topped with ground beef, refried beans, cheese and sour cream.  This was easily one of the best things I have eaten at Taco Bell in the last five years.  I can’t say much for the presentation, but holy shit the flavor.


So yeah, if you’re hungry at this moment, don’t have anything going on and don’t really care for your physical well-being or health in general you should go and get one of these.  They will probably look at you strange but it’s worth it in the end.