Before I begin, I have to start off with a story. If you are regulator reader of my food writings you should continue to read. If you followed a link simply to hear about and see lobster rolls you can feel free to skip these ramblings.

I do my best to not operate this site as a “food blog”. I know, I know it’s pretty much a food blog but there’s now thousands and maybe millions of people with a cell phone that take pictures of food and write a few paragraphs about it. I try to do things a little differently here. Generally what happens on this site is I eat or cook something really delicious and then immediately write something on my phone and post about it. I try to keep the time between experience and reaction as short as possible. My attention span demands this type of production.

What happened today goes against my typical MoorsFood production schedule. Truth be told, I wrote a really great piece about my visit to Mudgie’s Lobster Week and in between a couple of glasses of Wild Turkey I lost the entire thing. I don’t know what happened between me hitting the publish button and my web host accepting my content but my post went by bye.

So this is a disclaimer. I lost my original content. I then drank more Wild Turkey. Then I drank some Basil Hayden. Then I drank some Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Then I finished with some EH Taylor Single Barrel. I’m a full twelve hours removed from my experience and under the influence of some really great bourbon. Let’s get on with it.

Actual Mudgie’s Lobster Week post begins here.

I’ve previously documented my love for Mudgie’s and warned of you of their lobster week, which only comes to us one week out of every summer. Mudgie’s is the greatest, and lobster week is their greatest week. Easily translated, lobster week is the greatest week of the year.

A quick summary if you aren’t a fan of clicking links — Every July Mudgie’s has lobsters overnighted from Maine every day for an entire week and serves up lobster rolls downtown. Some might say “But John, I can get lobster rolls at any number of locations in the Metro Detroit Area”. That’s great, but let me tell you why lobster week is a little more special. Maine lobsters are known to be the best and fisherman in the area go to great lengths to ensure this. Small details such as building traps in certain sizes so smaller lobsters are allowed to escape and continue their growth. Female lobsters are labeled and released so they can continue to mate and produce more lobsters. June is the season for soft shell lobsters, which produce more sweet and tender lobster than what you would typically find from a year around lobster. The climate and the temperature of the water are also factors in producing delicious lobster. Getting this type of lobster fresh in Michigan is a big deal.


So all of these different factors brings us back to lobster week where Mudgie’s has these Maine lobsters shipped in fresh every day. I showed up today at 10AM, a full hour before opening time. I fully expected to hold the “first in line” title but there were already seven or eight people ahead of me. This should be a warning to you — Lobster week has grown in popularity and causes on average of a twenty minute wait, depending on when you get there. They also run out daily, even though they increased production from last year. My advice to you, stop what you’re doing right now and get over there. It’s 9:15 AM. Call off work. Get a babysitter. Hell, steal a car if you need to. Lobster week is worth both unemployment and/or a length prison term.

So this is completely my bad if I missed this last year, but Mudgie’s has now added a lobster bisque to their lobster week menu. I’ve had a few bisques over the years but in no way do I call myself a lobster bisque expert. I can say, however, that this lobster bisque tastes like a lobster bisque people that know a lot about lobster bisques would say is one of the better lobster bisques. This isn’t a bowl of orange colored cream with some lobster flavor. This is a savory, chunky bowl of greatness. It’s easily the best lobster bisque I’ve had. Fully worth the $10 it will cost you for a bowl.


But the lobster rolls, what can I say about the lobster rolls. They’re delicious and fresh. Not too fishy fasting and unbelievably tender. The bun is a buttery baked New England style roll that contains the generous portion of lobster meat. The only other ingredient, which to me is normally unacceptable, but lettuce on this sandwich adds a needed crunch to each bite. If you’re one of those people that does things the right way, you’ll have a seat at their outdoor Tiki bar, order a cocktail in a Tiki glass and ask for both the roll and the bisque.

Now as I said before this is a hugely popular week where lines form and lobster eventually runs out. There are rumors of a 100lb lobster order in the coming days so hopefully everyone is able to get their share. My advice for you is again, get there early and prepare yourself for a brief wait. Trust me, it’s worth it. If you arrive later on and they are sold out, don’t complain. If you complain about Mudgie’s, you don’t deserve Mudgie’s It’s that simple.

This event runs through the 29th of July and ends with a lobster themed brunch. If you were wondering if I’ll be there on Sunday I can absolutely promise I will be in attendance.

These lobster shenanigans are going down at 1300 Porter in Corktown.