Warning: There isn’t anything in this post that’s incredibly interesting, it’s more just me talking about my surprise from a recent visit to a national chain restaurant, which I usually try to avoid. Now that you’ve been warned you may continue to read on or just skip this post all together.

I’m an absolute sucker for any product that has been on Shark Tank but for some reason I had never paid Tom and Chee a visit. Eleanor had a very important decision the other day. Do we enjoy some “Detroit Style” Pizza at Buddy’s or do we eat grilled cheeses at Tom and Chee’s? I was hoping for Buddy’s but for some reason my road dog had a craving for grilled cheeses that particular day. I had always been curious about this establishment specializing in grilled cheese and soups. How could you go wrong with that combination? Even in my younger days I could produce a mean grilled cheese with Kraft singles.


Now as you can probably tell Eleanor doesn’t have much interest in the documenting your food on-line and writing about it game. She would much rather just eat the food and be done with it. She has deeper interests like toy shows on YouTube, Paw Patrol and jazz camp. It’s OK though, I’ve got the food reporting under control.

I went with the Grilled Mac and Chee which is a mac and cheese, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon and crispy onions all melted together between two slices of white bread. There is absolutely no way something can be bad no matter what you do with those ingredients. It’s impossible to screw up. For dipping purposes, I got a bowl of creamy tomato basil soup.

Quick question, how much tomato soup do you think gets wasted every year because the only logical purpose of tomato soup is for dipping grilled cheese? Further more, is tomato soup ever really wasted if you don’t have grilled cheese to dip in it?


There’s only one way for me to describe this sandwich and that’s to say holy shit. This had to be one of those most disgustingly delicious sandwiches I have ever had. It was most definitely the most dense 1200 calories I have ever consumed. I expected a mess of possibly my favorite two ingredients (bacon and cheese) but this was just over the top. I seriously wasn’t the same for about three hours after consuming this. We went to the park after and I laid on the slide while Eleanor played on the swings. It was embarrassing.

Amazingly if this isn’t a fat enough sandwich for you they are proud to offer it to you IN BETWEEN A DONUT. Seriously, Tom and Chee? Are you trying to kill people?

So in summary, you should go to Tom and Chee. Just one time. I will probably never be back because it’s almost too good. In my old age, I can’t be eating shit like this anymore. Mac and cheese with bacon on a sandwich? Come on.

That’s all. Sorry for possibly the most uneventful post in MoorsFood’s history. Look at that sandwich though.