I have a problem.  When I cook I like to make large portions with the idea of having them available for multiple days to cover additional meals.  My thought process is if I cook something really delicious, why not eat it for every meal for the next four days?  The thought sounds great at the time, even making me look forward to additional meals during the first consumption, but eating the same thing for four days makes even the most delicious foods old and stale.  I’m always in search of different edible vessels to carry food just to change things up a bit.

I was grocery shopping the other day and I came across something that opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.  An edible vessel I had never experimented with and never even thought to search out.  Egg Roll Wrappers.  I didn’t even have to go to Whole Foods or a random Asian grocery to find them.  They were sitting right in Kroger’s “Hey we have interesting stuff too” section in the cooler.  $2.50 for fifty sheets of potential.  I began to brainstorm on what I could fill these with while wandering around the store.  Almost immediately after returning home I found my leftovers from three nights before.  Smokey, spicy shredded chicken thighs with rice and black beans.  I poorly filled and rolled five or six wrappers and put them in the oven.  Side note:  Egg rolls will always taste better fried.  I chose to bake them my first few times for experimental purposes.  Also, my deep fryer caused one of my homes to smell like a VW Hall.  I left them in the oven on 400 degrees for about twelve minutes, whipped together a spicy dipping sauce and out came a brand new meal made out of something I had been eating for three days.

Over the next twenty-four hours I continued to brainstorm the possibilities that egg roll wrappers added to my life.  Cheese burger egg rolls?  That would work.  Philly cheese steak egg rolls?  Yup.  Pulled pork egg rolls?  Sounds great.  But all of those ideas seemed like something I could get as an appetizer at a TGI Friday’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I will more than likely make ALL of those items in the near future but I needed to find an idea that could potentially change an entire meal.  And then it came to me.


Think about it. It’s like a little mini crispy breakfast burrito.  All of the best parts of breakfast contained in a crunchy little shell.  You can take it on the go or just sit at a table and think about what a good idea it is.  It is a potential game changer for bored breakfast eaters everywhere.

I cooked up what I consider to be a classic breakfast:  Scrambled eggs, sausage and shredded hash browns.  I want to take a minute here to throw out that if you’re not soft scrambling your eggs, you’re completely ruining your scrambled eggs.  I need you to pause reading this post and spend the next four minutes letting Gordon Ramsay change your life.

OK, I just found it important to include a video that uses different technique in cooking something with two ingredients and completely changes the way it tastes.  We can move on now.  I used some breakfast patties that I had in the refrigerator and crumbled them up, letting them brown in a pan and get a little crispy.  If you’re using pre-crumbled sausage that’s cool.  To make it really fancy, I shredded up an actual potato and cooked it in a pan with some turmeric. If you’re not using turmeric with your potatoes, I don’t know what you’re doing.  Not only does it turn them orange, it also makes them twice as delicious.  If you’re thinking “WHY DIDN’T YOU USE BACON???” it’s because I ate it all and completely forgot to buy more.  I know, terrible.

I took all three and began wrapping my rolls and because I’m a complete amateur, they looked like this before going into the oven:

I know, I know, they look like cross between stuffed cabbage and sad little burritos.  I’m still working on getting my egg rolling technique down.  Sadly, it got worst as I went.  Just look at that one on the top right.  What was I doing?

Now at this point you can do several things.  You can refrigerate these and save them for another meal.  I can’t guarantee this won’t leave you with a grease absorbed wrapper and I’m not sure how eggs will reheat.  I just wanted to throw this out there as an option.  You can fry them, but again, I’m not a huge fan of deep frying in my home and having it smell like a fish fry for the next six hours.  Or you can do what I did, brush a little oil on the top and bake them at 400 for ten to fifteen minutes.  You have to really make sure you do a couple of things if you’re going to use this method.

  1. Wrap them tightly.
  2. Keep an eye on them in the oven and turn once halfway through cooking.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, I ignored half of this advice.  So yeah, not the best technique and probably could have cooked them better to get a little bit better crispiness but for a guy making egg rolls for his second time with breakfast items?  Not too bad right?  Especially when you see the final product.  Check this out:


So here’s my advice to you.  Get yourself some egg roll wrappers and wrap up whatever is in your refrigerator right now.  It adds so much potential to leftovers, boring meals and food you have made hundreds of times before.

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