This isn’t going to be a long post  I don’t have much for you here aside from a wonderful moment with my kid and a beautiful plate of food.

In a proud fatherly moment, Eleanor announced that her favorite restaurant is Sidetrack Bar & Grill in Depot Town and she has ZERO interest in going to any other restaurants.  To celebrate we went and ordered her favorite: a cheeseburger.  This is what a burger is supposed to be.  Fresh beef, two slices of melty American cheese and nothing else getting in the way of a classic.  Perfect.

Thanks Frenches.  It’s an absolute privilege to have this beauty within a mile of my house.

One thought on “The Sidetrack Burger – A Work of Art”

  1. If you want something more than just a plain cheeseburger, head down Cross towards EMU and stop at Got Burger. Best burger in the area hands down.

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