Imagine this scenario.  The Wife and I are on vacation.  Our first since the holiday season.  We decided to stay home and take care of somethings we had been meaning to since we bought our house and moved to Ypsilanti.  We had a long list including finishing painting the kitchen cabinets, lift up a drooping staircase in the basement, teach Eleanor productive activities that aren’t playing Roblox and the most importantly day drinking around town.  You see, we spent most of our early 20s in the Ypsilanti area and one of our favorite things to do was to head over to Corner Brewery at about noon and spend the day drinking great beer at as many local establishments as we could.  One of the fun parts about Ypsilanti is there is no shortage of great places to drink beer while normal people are working.  In our previous lives, these sessions would typically conclude around 2am at Powell’s Pub with me performing “Chocolate Salty Balls” on karaoke nights.  These days, we are a little more grown up.  Not by much though. Just a little more tired, actually.

On February 5th, the Moors family (minus the four year old) got our day.  We had an important decision to make.  Where does one start drinking at noon on a Monday?  Do we go to Corner, where we usually do, and drink great beer at the expense of not having access to good food? (sorry Corner, still not a fan)  Do we start somewhere else and have a hearty meal with a couple of beers to kick us off and then head to Corner?  The Wife, wanting a good meal but obviously biased based on our previous experiences, was leaning toward Corner but seemed open to a new spot.  Me, not wanting to settle for subpar food just to have access to good beer proposed a spot she hadn’t been to since Theo’s occupied the space.  It was a marriage of good beer and good food.

The Wurst Bar.

Wurst bar is a charming little joint, with a small bar packed with bourbon and round couches that look like they were designed for a champaign room at a strip club.  It’s been here since 2012 when Theo’s, the occupant of the space for 37 years, decided to move on.  I visited the first year they were open and on a night I will never forget, consumed a bratwurst made of rattlesnake and a burger covered in chunky peanut butter.  They boast a fantastic beer list, with rotating taps of Michigan beer and a huge list of bottles.  Most importantly, they have an “all the time” special of a pitcher of PBR and four shots of whiskey for $15.  How can you beat that?

The menu is simple but daring with some appetizers, a bunch of different bratwursts and sausages, a few salads, some sandwiches and burgers.  It’s the kind of menu that almost forces you to try something new:  From scotch eggs, to a bratwurst salad, to a gator and catfish bratwurst to the above mentioned peanut butter burger.  It’s the absolute perfect menu to accompany with a couple of beers to encourage yourself to try something crazy that you normally wouldn’t order.  If this is your first time visiting I would recommend you try one of their burgers, which is made from brisket that is ground in house and then “dipped into umami rich sauces” and grilled on a flat iron.  You also get your choice of pretzel, sesame seed or brioche bun. The wife declared the Mr. Peanut Burger on a pretzel bun as one of the best burgers she has ever had.  Seriously, if you haven’t had peanut butter on a burger, get off your ass and make it happen.

BUT after enjoying a blueberry muffin stout (brewers are getting out of control), I flipped through the menu and saw something I had never dreamed of finding on a menu in Michigan.  Something I had wanted to try for years.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Wurst Bar has Scrapple on their menu.  Chances are you have no idea what this is so let’s get you a little history on this congealed meat loaf of greatness.  Scrapple is basically a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with meal and flour and formed into a loaf.  It’s existence is to create something out of the parts of a pig that would normally go to waste: livers, tongue, organs and other bits.  If you’ve ever lived or visited Pennsylvania, you’ve probably seen or heard of Scrapple.

Now in case you’ve tuned me out after that absolutely delicious description, Wurst bar only uses the pig shoulder to construct their Scrapple.  They mix it with steel cut oats and spices and serve it between two slices of Texas toast with apple butter and a fried egg.  Within this sandwich, you get a multitude of different flavors and textures — Sweetness from the apple butter, salty pork, the runny egg.  The oats hold everything together and give it a little bit of a grainy taste that actually works It’s absolutely fantastic.  The waiter said a very small amount of people actually order the Scrapple either due to the odd pairing of ingredients or just the unknown of what it actually is.  If you’re reading this, do not fear the Scrapple.  Order the Scrapple.  And enjoy the Scrapple.

After our day was over, the Wife declared the Wurst Bar as a possible new regular spot for us, which would allow me to eat fried sausage balls stuffed with pimento cheese, chili cheese tots and fried hot wing sausages on the regular.  I fully support Wurst Bar being at the top of our regular rotation going forward.

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