Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken

Last year Frank Fejeran posted something on his Instagram about buying an old Chinese restaurant and opening up a chicken joint.  I’ve been interested in his food moves since he up and quit the Raven’s Club and wrote a Jerry McGuire-like manifesto before doing so.  First was opening a Pacific Island Style BBQ truck in Ricewood BBQ.  Think of it as wood smoked meats topped with a spicy soy sauce and vinegar based sauce all on top of rice.  His next challenge turned out to be turning the old yellow chop suey joint on Michigan Ave into a little joint specializing in fried chicken of the hot variety.  The menu is simple with three different levels of heat that ranges from Southern style to Spicy as fuck.  All of the chickens come with pickles and bread.  Sides are simple as well with coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans being my usual suspects.  To drink, which you’ll need if you choose anything above Southern Style, you have sweet tea, Faygo and horchata.


Here is where I stop acting like a food reviewer and just tell you how good this place is.  If you’re not familiar with hot or Nashville Style chicken, Wikipedia has more than enough information to run you through it.  I’m not going to do that. I went with half a chicken with medium spicy for $11 and potato salad for an extra $3.  The medium spice was almost the perfect level of spice for me – just enough to make me tear up a bit but not enough to make me regret it in the morning.  Seriously some of the better fried chicken I’ve had in the area, right in competition with Seoul Street.  The potato salad was mayo based which cooled down the burn a bit.  By the end of the meal my fingers were stained red with Cayenne, I had gone through about 7 napkins and I had eaten enough to get me through both lunch and dinner.  If you’re not a fatass like me, you can likely survive with a breast or leg or even a sandwich.

I don’t do letter grades or stars here.  I leave that to the turds on Yelp.  I will simply leave it this…

Do you like fried chicken?  Do you like hot chicken?  Are you unsure if you like hot chicken?  Are you hungry?  Do you need a new place to eat?  If the answer to any of these questions is YES go to Ma Lou’s right now.  Seriously, get off your phone and go.  Stop wasting time.  It’s that fucking good.

Hopefully in the future they can offer a cheep beer or three with my meal.  That would have made it absolutely perfect.

15 W. Michigan Ave – Ypsilanti

Here I Go Again..

OK, so welcome to my new site.  If you aren’t familiar with me, my name is John Moors and I ran a site called Epic Portions for years.  Me and some friends of mine wrote a series of very unprofessional articles that gained a small following.  Taco Bell even flew me to California to visit their test kitchen.  Somewhere around 2010, the “foodie” craze was in full swing and I lost interest in documenting my love for food.  It seemed like anyone with a smart phone and an opinion was starting their own food blog and critiquing restaurants on Yelp as if they were some kind of expert.  I found myself reviewing different restaurants and giving my opinion as if I had any credibility at all.  Side note – I did manage to start quite a revolution against Tios Mexican Cafe, which I still stand by, but other than that I have accomplished absolutely nothing that should make you respect any opinion I have about any restaurant or food in general.

That being said, I love food and I love cooking.  I do have strong opinions which I feel more comfortable giving you now that I have admitted that I have zero credibility.  That kind of gives me that “I can say whatever I want just don’t take me seriously”thing, which is pretty much where I want this site to be — A place where you can find entertainment in food, cooking, recipes, traveling or whatever I’m into in a given week.

There will be spelling errors, there will be opinions that you probably don’t agree with and I will probably ridicule people and places that you may enjoy.  There will be bad grammar, “bad words” and I eventually plan to document the butchering of a pig.  I don’t remember anything about web design so the design and layout of this will be constantly changing.  I rarely eat vegetables, salads or desert.  These are your warnings.

I am not a professional writer, chef or food critic.  However, I do have an unhealthy love of all things food.  I welcome you to take this journey back with me and see what I come up with.  I have absolutely no plans on what this will become other than an ongoing journal of what I’m doing in the food world.  I hope you enjoy.