Thank You

This section of Moors Food will be a work in progress as I find different things that I appreciate and want to say thank you to.

  • First off, all photography and editing of this site is done on a Google Pixel XL.  This site is primarily designed to be viewed on phones and tablets — Mainly because I hardly ever touch a computer.  Thank you to Google for continuing to make quality hardware and software and thanks to Apple for making such an inferior phone.
  • Thank you to WordPress for giving me the beginning tools to design and edit this site.  As I learn to code and design a little bit I will be leaving you, however, for my own design.  I will be using WordPress templates for the first 90 days I own this site then transferring to my own host.
  • Thank you to EVERY restaurant I visit for having the balls to give the restaurant industry a shot and providing an opportunity for me to experience your food.  ESPECIALLY restaurants that offer food from different cultures than we are used to.
  • Thank you for reading this site.  I do this simply because I like food and sharing my opinions on it.  I do not currently monetize and in no way so I profit from maintaining this site.  The only thing I would ask is comment or send me some feedback on what you think – good, or bad.